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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 8, 2017

— honoring a deaf woman on International Women’s Day

Today is the International Women’s Day. We have many
deaf female pioneers that have excelled, as compared
to hearing peers, in many fields. One such deaf pioneer
honored today is Olga Skorokhodova, a Russian/Ukrainian
woman, who passed away in 1982. She worked towards
better education and schooling for the deaf-blind.
We all have heard of Helen Keller, but Olga Skorokhodova
certainly flew under the radar. A picture is at:



— noise did not wake up sleeping deaf people

A construction is underway on a street in metro
Phoenix area. Deaf residents, living in a house
on that street were not bothered by construction
noise. But they were terribly bothered by
construction vibration! It woke them up one
morning. A complaint was filed by the deaf
family and the TV local news picked it up.



— owning most beautiful (ugly) bulldog

The 38th Annual Beautiful Bulldog Contest
is taking place in Iowa. Entered into that
contest are 120 bulldogs from 13 different
states. One of these bulldogs is named
Opal and it is owned by a deaf woman
from Cary, Illinois. Hopefully this
deaf-owned bulldog will win!



Latest deaf jobs

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— funeral home operators

3/5/17 Blue and Gold editions at:


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