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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 9, 2017

— brothers partnership requires communications

We have had a few deaf business partners. Some
worked; some didn’t. For two deaf brothers
owning a partnership in a franchase business,
the #1 lesson they have learned is – communications
with hearing clients. Brother partners Waylon and
Jerrel Mathern own a franchise in home storage
services, based in Seattle, Washington. They said
“Our communication is more through emails, texts and
forms of social media.” So far, they’ve been
successful. A picture is at:


— to be employed in Hollywood is to take risks

Deaf actor Troy Kotsur, who is said to be one of the
few deaf actors to be able to work consistently
in the cut-throat Hollywood world, said it
requires risk-taking. Part of his success, he
said, is to continue to make hearing contacts.
The challenge is to win deaf roles that normally
would be given to fake-deaf actors. And the
big risk lies for deaf actors that win deaf roles!
Perception, real and fake, is the name of the
game in Hollywood.


— agency in India claims 5,000 deaf hires since 2009

There was a story today that Deaf Enabled Foundation,
an agency started by the deaf for the deaf in India
in 2009, has found jobs for over 5,000 deaf clients
across the nation. India is one of these nations where
deaf people face difficulties in finding employment.
Is the 5,000 figure real or an exaggeration?



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