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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 10, 2017

— weird reason for delay on deaf-friendly apartments

In Plymouth, a city of some 230,000 people in
Great Britain, the city planners delayed approval
of deaf-friendly apartments that were proposed by
the Plymouth Deaf Association. It was delayed because
some hearing neighbors didn’t like the new design
of the parking area! A picture is at:


— a fact about Canadian Hearing Society staffers on strike

It was just learned that while the staffers with the
Canadian Hearing Society are on strike (as mentioned
few days ago by DeafDigest), approximately 90 percent
of them are deaf! (deaf, oral deaf, late deafened
or hard of hearing, whatever). They have said they
were not getting employee health benefits from
the service agency. How disappointing!


— fake-deaf actor admits a big risk

Ram Charan is a popular hearing actor in India,
having starred in many Bollywood movies. He
likes to take acting risks – one such risk is
playing a fake-deaf role. He admitted it was
a big risk – because he would be typecast
forever as a fake-deaf actor. No actor likes
to be typecast because it is a career-killer!
For some reason, Bollywood producers just would
not cast a real-deaf actor in a deaf role.


Latest deaf jobs

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— manager of banking branch office

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