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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 14, 2017

— University of California problems with the deaf

Does University of California (at Berkeley) have
problems with the deaf? Three deaf issues involved
the university. For years until 1980, the university
next door neighbor was California School for the
Deaf. The university said the deaf school property
sat on an earthquake fault and had to be moved out.
When the deaf school moved to Fremont, the university
immediately seized the land as their own! Then just
few weeks ago the university took down the online
videos to avoid paying for captioning costs. And
now this – refusing to give interpreters for a
deaf woman who was a visiting student from
Canada. A picture is at:


— a big College Board SAT mess with the deaf

A deaf junior at a mainstreamed program made arrangements
for an interpreter to show up for his SAT exam. Yet
the interpreter never showed up and the SAT people
told the deaf student he must bring his own interpreter!
As a result, the student’s mother was forced to
interpret for her son during the exam. You guessed it,
the mother was not that really skilled with ASL. The
College Board apologized for the interpreting mess.


— a rare small town deaf organization growth

People say that in small towns deaf organizations
are dying for lack of membership numbers. This may
be true – but there is a feel-good story. The
Hutchinson Association of the Deaf (Kansas), in
existence for many years, was in danger of closing
up because of low numbers. Then something happened.
New people came on board with ideas of hosting special
events. It helped – from 12 people showing up in
the past; the latest event attracted 42 people coming
from different towns. They agreed on a name change
– Kansas South Central Association of the Deaf.
They agreed on a new board of directors. Things are
looking up right now.


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