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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 15, 2017

— new wine by a famous deaf person

Nyle DiMarco, who rocketed to fame with wins at the
Dancing with the Stars and the America’s Top Model
is entering a new venture – winemaking business. The
wine is Signature Series 2014 Napa Valley Cabernet
Sauvignon. Part of sales proceeds will go into his
new foundation. A picture is at:


— extreme attorney greed

Is there such a thing as Extreme Attorney Greed?
Well, there was a short posting of a deaf teacher’s
ADA lawsuit over school board refusal to provide
her with an interpreter. There were two trials.
The first trial, which resulted in a hung
jury, netted the attorney $$46,333 in legal
fees. The second trial netted this same attorney
$44,987 in legal fees. What about the
deaf teacher? The second trial just netted
her $310.00, earmarked for her medical fees.
In other words, the teacher got nothing
whereas the attorney netted over $91.000!


— deaf attorney trapped into a scam

A deaf attorney, working on a case with
another attorney, was trapped into a
scam! Someone hacked into deaf attorney’s
email box and sent out a fake message
regarding that case. The deaf attorney
opened that email, thinking it was
related to the case they were working
on. As a result, this scam resulted in
emails to people on deaf attorney’s
private email list. The deaf attorney
had to spend hours cleaning up the mess.
We can only hope there were no lasting
damages as a result of that scam.


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