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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 16, 2017

— Deafville in Texas

Deafville in Texas? Not in Austin or Dallas or
Houston – but in El Paso, which is just across
Mexico and also of New Mexico. It is located
in Northwest El Paso, and so far, 30 lots have
been sold. Cost of living? $800 per month
condos; $1,200 per month town houses;
and houses from $175,00 to $300,000.
Ideal for deaf? Always someone to use
sign language with. But there are people that
crave big cities (New York, Chicago, Los
Angeles, etc). There are people that crave
smaller towns. Depends on individual
tastes. A picture is at:


— national magazine says 911 useless for deaf

Mother Jones is a national magazine that focuses
on politics, the environment, human rights, and culture.
This most recent edition ran a headline that said:

911 Is Practically Useless for Millions of People. Here’s Why

While the article is long – the key point is that
too much time is lost with deaf people that use 911
via text as compared to hearing people that use
911 via voice.


— interpreters are not rock stars

Rock star interpreters? It is a wrong phrase
and should not be used at all. Interpreters
help bridge communication gaps between the
deaf and hearing. This is their sole mission.
Yes, hearing people, who have never seen an
interpreter, are fascinated by these
“beautiful” signs that they really do not
understand. This is why they point at some
interpreters as rock stars. The phrase
rock star is reserved for movie stars
and singers and certainly not interpreters!


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