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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 17, 2017

— British MP uses sign language during a session

Labour MP Dawn Butler used British Sign Language
during a session at the House of Commons.
She wanted British Sign Language to
be given equal status as with other languages –
English, Welsh, Cornish and Gaelic. After she
sat down, MP’s of all parties stood up to
a loud applause. Will it become an official
language? The House of Commons is the lower
house and the upper house – the House of the
Lords tend to look down on the lower House!
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— Gallaudet’s Seven Year Itch

Gallaudet had a Seven Year Itch, and it has
nothing to do with personal relationships.
Only it had something to do with the big
announcement that the university will be
offering a new major in Public Health.
Seven years ago, then-new president Alan
Hurwitz made a new Public Health major
as one of his primary goals. Rome wasn’t
built in a day, though, and it took seven
years for Hurwitz’s dream to reach reality
by the next Gallaudet administration.
DeafDigest is very happy about it for it
offers Gallaudet students another possible
career choice.


— two hearing people communicating in ASL

There was a debate – is it OK for two hearing
people to communicate with each other in ASL
in public? Well, interpreters do that often.
Coda classmates in public schools do that
often. And there was a small scandal at the
old Chicago Mercantile Exchange years ago
when two Coda traders used ASL to communicate
with each other on the trading floor! While
they were not fired, they were disciplined.


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