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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 20, 2017

— a survey of employers

A group of hearing students at Nanyang Technological
University (in Singapore) ran a survey, querying
nearly 100 companies. A simple question was asked –
would you hire the deaf? Fifty percent of these
employers said they wouldn’t. Why? Communication
concerns with customers, supervisors and fellow
employees. Is it any better in USA? A picture
is at:


— strange newspaper headline

A Malaysian newspaper headline said:

Challenges of a part-time sign language interpreter

The part time interpreter explained that deaf people
do not often ask for interpreters, and also that
their homes are scattered everywhere. As a result,
not too much of demand for interpreters!


— 63-year old deaf man runs away from home

A deaf man, 63 years old, ran away from home,
spending all of his time at the police station
in a town of 23,000 people. He was a go-fer,
errand boy, traffic controller, paper boy,
courier, etc. He had been doing these
voluntary tasks for 20 years for no pay.
His family finally found him and forced
him to come home. He wasn’t too happy about it.
Only in India could it happen! Very possibly
he was abused or ignored at home and wanted
to out of that atmosphere.



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