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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 27, 2017

— possible HUD funding┬ácuts could hurt the deaf

The President wants to cut funding to HUD.
If this happens, it could hurt some deaf people
that have been living in low cost homes.
We hope this never happens. A picture is at:


— nation’s best school building maintenance person

Who will win the Cintas’s National Best Building
Maintenance Person contest? There are ten
finalists; nine of them are hearing, and
one of them is deaf – Michael Eldridge,
who watches over the maintenance of the
Deer Crossing Elementary School in
Frederick, MD. If he wins, he gets $5,000
and his school gets another $5,000 worth
of products and services for his school.
Good luck, Michael!


— always wondering about deaf appraiser

There was a mention in a newspaper that a deaf man
owns his own appraisal company in a small
town in New York. Just wondering. Is it a
one-man company, or does the company have
a number of employees with the deaf man
as the owner? There is a big difference
between one-man company and a bigger
company. Again, just wondering.



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