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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 30, 2017

— a deaf police officer in a different setting

We have a deaf police officer on a college
campus – no, it is not at Gallaudet or at
RIT. Scott Daily, who is deaf, is a police
officer at Tarleton State University
in Texas. He is able to keep up with
ASL thanks to five deaf students on
the campus. As a police officer
he has three rules – Always be fair,
always be firm, and always be consistent.
A picture is at:


— 1930’s unfriendly to deaf

A Coda told a story of his deaf parents surviving
in the 1930’s. These were the Depression
years when many deaf people had a hard time
getting jobs. And the deaf were not encouraged
to go out on dates with the hearing. And if
the deaf married the deaf, they were not
encouraged to have children. And there was
much talk of the need to sterilize the deaf
so that they cannot have children. We are
grateful that we have ADA on our side


— ASL is second most requested language

In the courtrooms in Pennsylvania, interpreters
are available in many, many languages, including
ASL. A report said that while Spanish is the
most requested language, the second most
requested is ASL. It will not be wrong
to assume that ASL is also one of the most
requested languages in courtrooms in other



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