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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 31, 2017

— a test to see if a bank is deaf-friendly

Deaf people with smartphones can withdraw
money from any of Wells Fargo’s 13,000
ATMs without using debit cards. Is it
deaf-friendly? Sometimes people at
ATM windows have problems and need to
contact customer service representatives.
Big question – is it easy or hard for
deaf to contact customer service people
to discuss money withdrawal problems?
A picture is at:


— a very special bar/art gallery

In Bologna, Italy, there is a bar/art gallery
named Altro Spazio. This bar hires the
disabled – the blind, the deaf, and the
wheelchair to serve drinks at the bar
counter for regular patrons. And if the
deaf bartenders have communication problems,
the restaurant staff helps out with sign
language. Might be worth the time for
deaf tourists passing through Bologna
to stop at the bar/art gallery.


— deaf photographer making friends with hearing photographers

Do photographers get along with each other? Good
question because photographers are always competing
with each other for better pictures from better
picture-taking locations. There is a lot of pushing
and bumping among these photographers. Steven Libby.
who is deaf, is one of the better known photographers
in the Palm Coast, Florida area. He communicates by
ASL, by gestures and by notes – and yet, he is well
liked among hearing photographers. They’re pretty
much used to his shoulder taps (hearing people
hate being tapped on their shoulders, by the
way). He was written up in a nice newspaper story.



Latest deaf jobs

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— deaf officer at CIA

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