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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 7, 2017

— no interpreter for two weeks

A deaf student relies on ASL interpreting in the
classroom. In Alabama, the deaf student’s
interpreter has not shown up for two weeks –
and the school did not tell his parents about it!
The intepreter lost her certificate and the
school district was not able to find a replacement
interpreter. At the time this story was printed
the school is still looking for a new interpreter.
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— airline ignores travel access, kicks out deaf-blind

Frankie Thomson, a deaf-blind British man, has traveled
independently for 35 years. All of a sudden he was
kicked out of the easyJet flight (Edinburgh to London)
because the pilot panicked on inability to handle
a deaf-blind passenger! The airline has apologized,
and gave him a free flight the next day.


— the deaf and the bad Rikers prison complex

There are many deaf prisoners at the Rikers
Island prison complex (10 separate prison
buildings on a 413-acre island) in New York
City. These prisons are old and outdated
and criticized for cruelty to inmates.
The mayor wants to close the prison island
and move inmates elsewhere. There are concerns
how would the closing affect the deaf prisoners.
Already the prison reformers are telling the
city to keep deaf prisoners in mind during
these big changes in the future.



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