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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 10, 2017

— 18 angry deaf people

A group of 18 deaf people went to a movie theater
in Warwick, Rhode Island, wanting to watch the
“Beauty and the Beast” movie with captions.
The manager refused to turn on the captions,
saying it wasn’t advertised and it would be
unfair to hearing people that paid to watch
the non-captioned movie. A picture is at:



— cops thought ASL usage meant person wanted to fight

A deaf man participated in a protest rally in Jacksonville, FL.
The police, in trying to arrest protesters, thought the
deaf man’s use of ASL meant he wanted to fight them.
As a result, the deaf man was badly beaten up, even
though protesters told police he was deaf and was just
using his sign language. His supporters are planning
legal action.



— low cost hearing device is high cost deaf device

The National Weather Service is pushing for hearing
people to buy Weather Radio. It costs just $30.00.
But for the deaf, this modified radio (flashing
signalers, digital read outs, etc) would push the
price to over $100.00. This is what the deaf
people told the National Weather Service people.


Latest deaf jobs

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— British embarrassment

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