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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 11, 2017

— most common question in ASL classes

It is almost always that on the first day of
ASL classes, no matter if it is high school
or college – that the deaf ASL instructor
would ask this question:

Have you ever met a deaf person before?

Few hands will be raised – saying they have a
deaf cousin, or a deaf neighbor or a deaf
friend or even a deaf boyfriend/girlfriend.
But for most of those in the class, they
have never saw a deaf person in their life!
A picture is at:


— a rarity, a repeat winner

We have young deaf women that win Pageants. But
Emma Faye Rudkin, who is deaf, is a rarity.
She just won the Miss San Antonio pageant
again! She won her first pageant in 2015 and
then recently. Pageant winners are once and
done – but not apparently so in her case.


— the Pinocchio is deaf

We know the famous story of the Pinocchio,
the puppet that wants to be a real life kid.
And that the more he tells lies, the longer
his nose grows. But a Deaf Pinocchio?
Yes, a twist on the original story is part
of an upcoming play in Chicago. A mixture
of deaf and hearing actors will use ASL and
voice. A deaf actress will play the
Pinocchio role while a hearing actor
will play the Geppetto role. The play
is in both ASL and voice. Will her
nose grow longer with her lies?



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