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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 13, 2017

— Deaf Food Truck

We see food trucks in downtowns in many cities.
Almost all of them are not deaf friendly. Very
difficult for the order taker to poke out of the
window to look at the item on the posted menu
that the deaf person would point at. And rushed
order takers do not like to read and write. Deaf
food trucks? There is one – Pepperbox Coffee.
The only deaf food truck in USA? Do not know.
A picture is at:


— Enrichment Academy for the deaf

The Lifelong Learning College, located in The Villages
retirement community in Florida, closed up last year
because of a nasty dispute regarding no interpreters
for deaf. It was just announced that The Enrichment
Academy will replace the closed Lifelong Learning
College. Interpreters for deaf senior citizens?
Good question as neither the press release nor
the web site brought up the interpreting issue.
A case of Deja vu? Hope not.


— Switched At Birth actress succeeds after 12 tries

Actress Katie Leclerc, who has a hearing loss, but
functions as a hearing person, shared her best
memory of Switched At Birth. A deaf actor
asked her a question in ASL. Not fully understanding
ASL at that time, she asked him to repeat the
question 11 more times before she understood
what he was asking! She said it was embarrassing.



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