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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 14, 2017


— highest honor for a deaf woman in Egypt

Egypt is a nation with many problems, including
discrimination against the deaf. This nation
classified Esraa El Bably as unfit because of
her deafness. She moved to Bahrain to get a
good education. Wanting to become a dentist,
she applied to many Egyptian dental schools;
only one accepted her. Graduating, all dental
jobs were denied her except for one. She is
now the nation’s first deaf female dentist
and also the nation’s first deaf dentist!
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— ASL self-driving bus

ASL self-driving bus? Yes, if a custom automobile manufacturer
and IBM succeed with their concept. They plan to use artificial
intelligence, reality graphics and smartphone. They have named
it Olli and hope it will take off everywhere in USA. ASL
would work with machine “eyes” to take directions from
the deaf and to respond both by ASL and by text. Will
it work? Not every deaf person knows ASL. And ASL is
not the same anywhere in USA. How would a non-ASL deaf
person communicate with ASL-speaking machine? What
happens if machine does not understand a certain
ASL phrase? Would it result in accidents? Stay


— Switched at Birth, success or failure

Was Switched at Birth a failure because it has ended?
No, it was a success – from a business viewpoint. Goal
of all TV sitcoms is to survive at least five seasons,
with at least 100 sitcoms. Switched at Birth lasted
five seasons, and with 103 episodes. Business reason
is to syndicate – meaning we would be seeing
these mid-afternoon re-runs and these actors would
be getting more money in these re-runs.


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