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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 17, 2017

— these hypocrite, two-faced employers

Are employers both hypocrites and two-faced?
Well, there was a survey of 100 employers.
Less than 20 percent of them said they
would hire the deaf. 50 percent of them
said they would not hire the deaf. Yet
75 percent of them said that the deaf are
no different from hearing and felt the
deaf can do the job as good as the
hearing. But why not just hire the deaf?
This is a good question. A picture is at:


— congressman does not give an interpreter for deaf person

A deaf woman, living in Bentonville, Arkansas, wanted
to attend a town hall event hosted by U.S. Representative
Steve Womack. She gave notice 72 hours in advance of
her request. She showed up, but the interpreter
never showed up. Said Womack:

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control,
the interpreter was unable to attend the event

The upset deaf woman said she does not count!


— CEO earns fat salary while deaf employees on strike

Deaf employees of Canadian Hearing Society in
Toronto, have been on strike. They are protesting
nearly 30 percent of layoffs in past three years
and also no pay increase for the past four years.
In the meantime, the CEO (not deaf) is making
$268,749 per year.


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