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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 18, 2017


— White House says no to interpreters at $5 bil agency

The CIA has a budget of $5 billion dollars, and has
a good number of deaf employees. They need interpreters
but CIA was not able to hire any because of freeze on hiring
new employees  by the White House. Recently, the
White House dropped the hiring freeze and hopefully the
deaf employees can get good interpreters that they need.
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— waitress with two hearing aids is lucky

A waitress at a restaurant in Branford, CT,
wears two hearing aids. One hearing aid was
broken and she had problems understanding
the orders from a man and a woman at one
table. The man asked why she had problems
with the orders. She explained that her
hearing aid was broken. After the meal,
the man paid for the check and tipped
her $500 with instructions to get her
hearing aid fixed. The waitress cried
while hugging the man! A google search
of hearing aid repairs says $500 is
probably just about right!


— many hearing people like captions

Do many hearing people like captions?
There was a survey by a captioning
advocacy group that said that 30
percent of viewers (both deaf and
hearing) look at captions. And that
most of the people in this 30 percent
group are not deaf. On the flip side,
70 percent of viewers would not
look at captions. Good or bad
stats or just confusing stats?



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