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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 20, 2017

— a different way to communicate with hearing

Communicating with hearing takes different ways –
lipreading, gesturing, sign language if hearing
knows it, written notes, interpreters and text
captions. Is there another way? Yes, if Facebook
succeeds with their plan. Facebook wants
to develop a system that can type as fast as
100 words per minute directly from the brain.
Will it work? A picture is at:


— a non-signing deaf actress

Not every deaf person uses sign language.
And there are some deaf people with “perfect”
speech. An unidentified non-signing,
perfect-speaking deaf actress said:

I am not a deaf actress; I just happen to be deaf

That actress is British. The British deaf community
does not know to figure her out for what she is!


— deaf-only town hall with a Republican congressman

More and more congressmen dread town halls because
angry people in the audience would make abusive
comments. Also, many congressmen are too busy
making contacts with the hearing constituents
to bother with a deaf-only event. This being
said, deaf-only town halls are not common.
It is nice to know that Utah Rep. Chris Stewart,
a Republican, staged a town hall with his
deaf and hard of hearing constituents. Hope
it turns up good when Stewart returns to
Capitol Hill.



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