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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 24, 2017

— extremely unusual interpreting situation

Pro wrestling is a big fake; everything is staged
on the mat. Yet, it is a popular event, attracting
many fans. One pro wrestling situation was
unusual. The referee, Matt Calamare is deaf.
And sometimes he referees a match that Chris Cayden
wrestles. Chris also serves as Matt’s ASL
interpreter while still competing on the mat!
Matt, himself, is also a pro wrestler, juggling
between wrestling and refereeing – in these
small town Pennsylvania wrestling venues.
A picture is at:



— an ADA win that the loser laughed hard

Judges are getting fed up with these ADA lawsuits;
in one ADA lawsuit, the litigant won. The winner’s
cash reward? Just $14.31 ! Angry, the winner asked
for more money, especially for legal fees; the judge
said no. This is why the loser laughed very hard,
having to pay just that small amount!


— a shock with some food trucks

Normally food trucks are deaf-unfriendly.
Menus are posted outside of the window,
and if a deaf person pointed at it, the
order-taker would be forced to stick his
neck out to see what the meal choice was.
Yet – there is a shock. Some food trucks
just don’t have menus at all! The order-taker
would just shout out the meal choices.
This creates an impossible situation for
the deaf person.



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