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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 25, 2017

— a picture of oralism abuse

This picture is self explanatory. To see what it
is all about, click on:

The captions under the picture will explain
it all.


— deaf network in big city subways

How important are subways for deaf people?
Very important – and it has nothing to do
with providing transportation. The
subways have become social meeting places
for the deaf, inasmuch as cops and hearing
passengers hate it. The Journal of Cultural
Geography made a mention of this underground
social network!


— deaf woman, having hard time, refused food stamps

In Georgia, a deaf woman struggling with English,
applied for food stamps. Her request for an
interpreter was refused and the social service
office told her to fill out the forms on her own.
As a result, a federal lawsuit is being filed against
the state Division of Family and Children Services,
the state Department of Human Services and the
state Department of Community Health.



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