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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 26, 2017

— cannot caption the videos, the court says so

A court made a decision that it is a copyright violation
if someone puts captions on video material and distributes
it for free. This court is not in USA, but in the
Netherlands! But here in USA, we are seeing attorneys
fighting over other captioning issues (U of California
case; the Villages Florida case, etc). A picture is at:


— actress very busy

DeafDigest mentioned deaf actress Shoshannah Stern
sometime back in a Supernatural TV program. The
interviewer was able to interview her again
recently. He that she is very busy but still
took the time to answer his questions. DeafDigest
hopes that she will continue being busy acting once
her role in the Supernatural program ends. Busy
actresses are no longer busy acting when their
TV and movie roles end but are busy trying to
get new roles! This is Hollywood Reality.


— a shocking revelation with the continuing strike

DeafDigest also mentioned that the strikers
with the Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) have not
gotten pay raises in four years whereas the CEO is
drawing a fat salary. It was also revealed today
that some other CHS top administrators have received
75 percent pay raises, while the deaf workers
have received zero percent pay raises. Fair? No!
Greed? Good question!



Latest deaf jobs

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— pizza chain thanks Gallaudet

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