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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 28, 2017


— delegates say cheering is discriminatory

Is loud cheering, especially at athletic events,
discriminatory? This is what the delegates at the
National Union of Students are saying. They
said it discriminates against the deaf that
cannot hear these loud cheers! This organization
advocates the needs of (hearing) students
that attend universities in Great Britain.
Well, the deaf have their own Wave Cheer. And
besides, we all root for our favorite athletic

A picture is at:


— needless deaf tragedy

DeafDigest has mentioned several times regarding
the strike against the Canadian Hearing Society.
And tragedies are beginning to surface. Two deaf
hospitalized patients have been without
interpreters, not understanding what the
doctors and the nurses have to say. One died,
and the other is suffering from an advanced
stage of cancer.



— strong interest among architects

The Architects’ Journal ran a great story
about Deaf Design, meaning Deaf Friendly
buildings. This magazine is not an American
publication, but a British publication.
It was not that too many years ago when
Bernard Brown came up with his Deaf House
concept. We may have very strong feelings
in favor of Deaf Design, but Bernard was
the first deaf person to come up with it!
A former Deaf Builder in Connecticut,
and then a Gallaudet faculty member,
he is now retired and living in Florida



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— deaf female astronomer

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