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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 8, 2017


— teacher bullies a deaf student

In Taiwan, a teacher bullied a deaf student
in a classroom, pulling out his hearing aid.
That teacher already had a bad reputation
for mistreating her students, and many
complaints were filed against her.
The school board is conducting a hearing
and may terminate her employment. A
picture is at:


— a Sign Language we may not understand

Many of us do not understand foreign sign languages.
Add one more to the list of these languages, the
Black Bolt Sign Language! The movie – Marvel’s
Inhumans will be released for showing in
IMAX theaters this coming September. The
leading character, Black Bolt, will be
using his own Sign Language to communicate
with people around him. Anson Mount,
the actor, said it is not ASL. Why not?


— NRA was not USA’s oldest civil rights organization

The National Rifle Association issued a press
release saying it is the nation’s oldest
civil rights organization. This is not true.
The nation’s oldest is the National Association
of the Deaf. It was founded in 1880. While
the NRA was founded in 1871, it was not as a
civil rights organization, instead advocating
shooting as a recreational activity. It did not
advocate civil rights until 1934! The NAD
did right from the start.



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