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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 9, 2017


— a politician said she healed a deaf man

Kristy Adams who is campaigning to win election
as British MP, representing the Conservative
party, said she healed a deaf man, and made
him hearing. She said she touched his ears
and suddenly he became hearing. It is up to
you to believe this story or not. A picture
is at:


— telling deaf driver what to do during traffic stops

A new law was passed in Virginia, which joins few other
states, making it part of driver’s education classes.
This law require drivers to be taught on what to do
if the police stops you! If this law spreads to all
50 states, then hopefully all future deaf driver
traffic stops will be peaceful. After all, no
one wants to get a traffic ticket!


— an important vote on Friday

The nine-week-old strike by workers at Canadian
Hearing Society (CHS) may end on Friday. The union
and the CHS management reached a tentative
agreement. It took five days of back and
forth discussions with both sides, as led by
a mediator to get them to shake hands. All
it remains is a vote by union members on
Friday. If they agree, then they report
to work next Monday. If they vote down,
then the strike continues.



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