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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 15, 2017


— this handicapped parking spot is a joke

Hard to believe thia handicapped parking
spot is a joke, inasmuch as many deaf people
have these such privileges. Just take
a look at the picture: parking/


— deaf soldier in an important war

The American Revoutionary War (1775-83) was for
the fight for Americans’ independence from Great
Britain. Did we have deaf soldiers that fought
in that war? Don’t know if we have many deaf
soldiers, but there was one – as claimed by
a deaf person that said ” My great great great
deaf grandfather fought in the American
Revolutionary War”.


— good settlement or bad settlement

For nearly three months employees at the
Canadian Hearing Society went on strike,
asking for better wages and better benefits.
These workers voted to accept the settlement
on Friday. Settlement? 0.8 per cent increase
first year, same with second year; one
percent in third year; 1.25 perent in
fourth and fifth years. Let us look at
the federal government; Obama, before he
left White House, approved a 2.1 percent
pay increase for federal employees.
So, was it a good deal or a bad deal in



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