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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 16, 2017

— a possible Bad Deaf Law on text to voice

We are having devices that can translate text
to voice, and voice to taxt to allow the
deaf and the hearing to communicate with
each other. Yet, in Europe, there is one
fear – that these devices are illegal
unless both hearing and the deaf give
their permission to have their comments
translated for each other! A picture
is at:


— world’s best deaf movie to be shown again

There is an event coming up on June 3, 2017 –
Stars on Laverna Avenue: Love is Never Silent.
The movie – Love is Never Silent was shown
on TV in 1985, and to this day, it continues
as the best deaf movie ever – a classic!
This event is hosted by the Greater Los Angeles
Agency on Deafness (GLAD).


— a survey that looks funny

A survey was conducted by a British agency
serving the deaf – asking 2,000 deaf people –
if sign language should be taught in schools.
Almost all of these people said yes. The
responses would be different if oral and
proud deaf people are asked, and also
different if hearing people were asked.
This is why this survey looks funny.



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