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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 17, 2017

— bigger movie seats in some movie theaters

In some nations, certain movie houses have big and comfortable
seats, at extra charge, reserved for large people. This is not
good news for deaf people sitting behind them and trying to
watch captions. A picture is at:


— unusual method of a deaf aircraft mechanic

Deaf mechanics feel the vibrations with their
hands. But for one deaf mechanic in an aircraft
factory in Pasco, Washington, he feels the
vibrations with his chest. Rather unusual but
the boss is happy with the deaf mechanic’s
work performance.


— newspaper headline we hate

A newspaper headline said:

deafness never holds back a basketball player

Hold back? Deaf people can do anything except to
hear, so why is the newspaper reporter saying
deafness does not hold him back?



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