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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 19, 2017

— a puzzling claim by South Africa

A newspaper in South Africa said that Magteld Smith,
a deaf woman, is the world’s only deaf medical researcher.
Only? Not true – we have had, over the years, deaf
researchers in the medical field. In the past there
were deaf magazines (especially Silent Worker and
Deaf American) that ran few stories on these deaf
medical researchers. A picture of a current medical
researcher that is deaf is at:



— driving while using deaf devices

Pennsylvania announced a crackdown on drivers that
text while driving. The announcement also said:

prohibited use of hearing impairment devices

Hearing impairment devices? Guess that means
texting while driving and also using Facetime
with ASL while driving. What this means if you
need to text or to Facetime, then pull over.



— a big shock: Indiana says they can discriminate

A deaf man filed a lawsuit against the state of
Indiana for discrimination by refusing to give
him an interpreter in a court case. The judge
ruled against Indiana. The state appealed;
the state deputy attorney general said his
state may discriminate in some court
services. So shocking and so disappointing
for the state to consider the deaf as
Second Class citizens, subject to



Latest deaf jobs

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— self-taught deaf astronomer, won honors

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