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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 29, 2017


— a Jimmy Fallon mystery with Jamie Foxx mocking ASL

There is a huge mystery with Jamie Foxx mocking
ASL on the Jimmy Fallon show, and it has a lot to
do with two deaf individuals! Fallon’s former
executive producer is Josh Lieb. He has two
cousins that are deaf, and they use sign language.
If Fallon is still friends with Lieb, could he have,
out of respect, scolded Foxx for mocking ASL?
Or was Fallon unaware of Lieb’s two deaf cousins?
Or Fallon, still angry with Lieb’s departure,
allowed Foxx’s mocking of ASL to continue?
These answers we may never know! At any rate
Foxx is #1 on Matlin’s and Nyle’s hate list.
A picture is at:


— a well-known 1980’s popular organization is still alive

A well-known organization – World Recreation Association
of the Deaf (WRAD), founded in 1985, became practically
popular overnight. In recent years, WRAD has become
quiet, and some of us have wondered what has become
of it? WRAD is still alive and kicking, and in
fact, is staging a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Awareness
Day on June 10th, 2017 at Six Flags Magical
Mountain in the Los Angeles area. Possibly
WRAD lacked visibility because of death of
monthly deaf newspapers that often ran
these past deaf recreational stories!


— confession of a deaf novelist

Heather Gundenkauf, who is deaf but does not use sign
language, has written her sixth novel. She spoke of
her deafness, saying that she is only able to
hear every third or fourth word. What this means
is that she cannot catch the first and second and
sometimes the third word! Why not learn ASL?
Why not use captions? Why not use an interpreter?
She did not address these issues in a recent
news conference.



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