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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 30, 2017


— deaf models in ads

A survey was taken of deaf models in ads (TV, newspapers,
magazines, etc). The result was that less than one
percent of these models were deaf. There was a McDonald’s
TV commercial during the eighties that featured a young
deaf couple; Audrey Norton, the pioneering deaf actress,
was a model in the fifties with these Royal Crown Cola
and Kodak commercials. What about nowadays? The deaf people
continue to be too few in these commercials.

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— 135 signed words missing in a Sign Language Dictionary

In South Korea, 135 signed words missing in the Baseball Sign
Language. Baseball is popular in South Korea. Yet approximately
250,000 deaf baseball fans do not fully understand this sport
because of these missing baseball signs! In USA, deaf people
can easily talk about baseball because there are signs
for each baseball word. Not that so in South Korea.


— lucky deaf professional photographer

The Evening Standard is a popular newspaper in London.
All photographers dream of their picturesa appear on the
newspaper front page. Ian Lawrence, who is deaf, is a
professional photographer for a British magazine.
He was walking through the London streets when he saw
police chasing a group of thieves on their motorcycles.
He grabbed his camera and quickly took a great picture.
The Evening Standard immediately bought the picture
and had it printed on the front page. Many photographers
dream all their life of having just one picture on
the front page, but with no luck. Ian was at the
right place at the right time!



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