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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 14, 2017


— appointment for doctor to certify deafness on driver’s license

The North Carolina Senate Rules Committee supported a proposed
bill to set up a deafness symbol on driver’s license. Purpose
is to tell cops of driver’s deafness during traffic stops.
Good or bad? It is up to the deaf driver to get that
deafness symbol. And to get that symbol the driver’s
doctor must sign paper to certify deafness. This means
the hassle of setting up an appointment for a five-second
signature! And besides, the alarmed cop may think the
deaf driver is reaching out for something dangerous in
a pocket, not realizing it is just a wallet! A
picture is at:


— we need a simple deaf press release

DeafDigest editor received a press release from an
organization serving the deaf. It basically said:

Joe Doe (name is fictional) to receive a government

The XYZ Association of the Deaf (name is fictional)
is having a ceremony to honor Joe Doe.

He has severe-to-profound hearing loss, when
Universal Newborn Hearing Screening to discover
congenital hearing loss didn’t exist in many
states. He wore hearing aids until two CI’s were
inserted at young age.



Why couldn’t the XYZ Association keep it simple
and say that Joe Doe was born deaf and became
a professional success in the years to come.

Just keep it simple!


— reason for some council members opposing captions bill

Pawtucket, Rhode Island became the second
American city to require captions at public
facilities, ie bars and restaurants. The
bill was narrowly passed by the city council
for one reason. The opponents were afraid that
the “required” captions would turn off
bar customers, forcing them to leave for another
bar outside of Pawtucket that has no law on
captions! The first city, by the way, is
Portland, Oregon.



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