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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 15, 2017


— a baseball practice

We all know about the tragic shooting at the ball field
in Alexandria, VA where the Republicans were having
a baseball practice. They were getting ready for their
big Congressional Baseball Game tonite against the
Democrats. By the way, where did the Democrats
practice baseball? At the Dummy Hoy Field at
Gallaudet University! May the best team win.

A picture is at:


— applying for a trademark

Gene Simmons is a rocker with the KISS rock band.
He knows nothing about ASL, but he wants to trademark
the famous ILY hand sign. Is he crazy? Yes!


— a magazine article 110 years ago

The June 1907 issue of Scientific American magazine
had a statement, as part of an article about the deaf
that went like this:

the old-fashioned alphabet is now unknown

Was the writer aware that Gallaudet University
always supported sign language as well as
fingerspelling? Probably not! Or the magazine
editorial staff never heard of Gallaudet?
Possibly so!



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