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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 28, 2017


— deaf pushed out of top leadership positions

Three major deaf organiations are run by hearing leaders
in New Zealand – Deaf Aotearoa, Kelston Deaf Education Centre
and Auckland Deaf Society. The deaf community is upset
saying they were pushed out of these top positions.
Let us imagine that National Association of the
Deaf, Gallaudet and NTID are all run by hearing CEOs!
Deaf people in USA won’t let it happen, but it is happening
in New Zealand (as well as with one major organization
in Canada). A picture is at:


— a hearing attorney is shocked

A deaf owner of an interpreting company wanted
to sell his business. He asked the hearing
attorney for advice. The hearing attorney,
referred him to another hearing attorney so
that they could work together on the sales
agreement. Instead the deaf owner ran to his
competitor, showing them the tax returns and
financial statements. The hearing attorney
wasn’t happy about it. The competitor looked
at the numbers, didn’t agree with it and
backed out. Not only the deaf owner lost a
possible sale, but the competitor already
learned about this secret business information!


— no one told the deaf girl about the fire drill

In Great Britain, there was a fire drill at
a hearing school, which had one deaf student.
During the drill, everyone ran outside, but
the deaf girl didn’t know about it – because
she was in the restroom, which had no alarm
inside it. The county council wasn’t too
happy about it, because if it was a real
fire, then the deaf girl may not survive.



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