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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 4, 2017


— a coach fined for bullying an elite deaf female athlete

Marcia Taylor, who is deaf, is an elite roller derby
skater. She was a member of the national roller
derby team. For some reason, her coach didn’t like
her and constantly bullied her, never praising her,
never giving her coaching tips, insulting her,
and worse of all, refused to give accommodations
(interpreters, note taking, etc) for her deafness.
As a result, she filed a complaint with the
Human Rights Commission – and won. The coach
had to pay her monetary damages – plus apologizing
for making life so hard for her. A picture is at:


— unusual scene at a prison

Prisons are not a safe place for prisoners,
especially deaf prisoners – hostile inmates
and correctional officers who do not communicate
with the deaf. Yet it was surprising to see
a blog posting about a deaf prisoner
communicating with the officer in sign
language! Rather unusual.


— has everything except for one thing

Cedric Hocepied is deaf and is from Belgium.
He has everything – Master of Laws degree
from New York University; Master’s Degree
from Universite Catholique de Louvain in
Brussels; a Fulbright scholar, internship
with the NATO and UN, fluent in several
langauges. One thing is missing – a full time
job related to his field studies. Only a few
days ago DeafDigest mentioned a deaf CFO
with #1 magazine The Economist. Discrimination?
Yes, despite some deaf successes in Europe.



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