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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 5, 2017


— deaf participant in American Ninja Warriors

Kyle Schulze, who is deaf, particpated in
the TV American Ninja Warriors series,
but failed to survive the qualifying round.
These obstacle courses on the program are so
tough that even the most physically-fit
participants, with weeks of training, just
don’t make it. A picture is at:


— agency employee careless with the memo

A deaf client received a letter from a social
service agency regarding her needs. Attached
to the letter was a confidential memo that
had negative comments about her. That memo
was accidentally attached by a careless
employee! It should have been part of her
private agency files, and not made public.
As a result, the angry client posted the
memo on social media, making the service
agency look bad!


— Indianapolis Colts suspected of using hearing aids during games

Former Indianapolis Colts player Tarik Glenn
hinted that his team illegally wore hearing
aids during games. Hearing aids?
Not to hear better but to “block out”
stadium noise! Another NFL scandal?



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