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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 6, 2017


— CART in the operating room

There was a blog posting about deaf physicians facing
discrimination. The blogger pointed out one example –
that deaf doctors can watch CART on the screen to
keep up with the surgeon discussions behind their
surgical masks. A deaf physician said that a
surgeon told him not to worry – because they
joke, tease and make other remarks that has
nothing to do with the surgery going on!
There is another concern – that surgeons may
use surgical tools quickly and make quick
comments – that the CART cannot keep up with.
And by the time the deaf physician catches up
with CART, it is like train zoomed by! A
picture is at:


— the disabled and the deaf

A complaint is going on in Kenya that deaf
nominees have been left off the nominatiion
ballot by the district electoral commission.
And that the disabled nominees were placed
on the nomination ballot. These nominees
were hoping to be elected for diversity
representation in a municipal council.
The national constitution specifically
required diversity.


— a poster in a prison

There is a posting in a prison, supposedly
for the benefit of deaf prisoners. It
shows an interpreting company that
provides sign language interpreters
for the deaf. Yet, a deaf prisoner
complained that everytime he contacted
that company, they tell him an
interpreter is not available. Not
in USA, but in Great Britain!



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