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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 10, 2017


— a funny TV commercial had something unusual

We watch TV and laugh at these Progressive Insurance
commercials. The funny-looking lady has been acting
in these commercials for years. Only just recently
she did something different. She jumped around,
flashing these double-ILY signs. Yes, there are
famous people that flash these ILY signs but
only with one hand. That Progressive woman used
both hands – hence the double-ILY signs! First
time on TV? A picture is at:


— Delhi University thinks deaf people can’t talk

Delhi University, in India, probably thinks deaf
people cannot talk. We have many deaf people with
good speech, as well as deaf people with no
speech skills. Anyway, this university is
making a change:

deaf and dumb

hearing and speech impaired

why not just one word – deaf?



— good news from FCC

Good news from FCC. For years FCC has been
cutting the rates that deaf relay providers
been getting for their services. It has forced
many deaf relay providers to close up for good.
But the lastest FCC decision is a good one –
providing reasonable reimbursement rates
for video relay providers. Yes, exactly
what is reasonable – but at least it
is a step in the right direction.



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