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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 11, 2017


— a big embarrassment in Ohio

Ohio is an important state – with major cities in
Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus. It became a state
in 1803. The state Constitution has these words –
deaf and dumb. The embarrassed state legislators
has proposed letting voters approve the changes
to the constitution. Hope the voters will make
these changes. Do keep in mind legendary
baseball player Dummy Hoy was born in Ohio.
Dummy is the wrong nickname, by the way!

A picture is at:


— 25 percent of people avoid the deaf

A service agency serving the deaf conducted
a survey – and learned that approximately
25 percent of the hearing people avoid the
deaf in every which way possible! Is this
survey valid? 2,000 hearing people were
asked questions about the deaf, and 500
of them said they avoid the deaf. Is
2.000 too small or enough for a survey?


— a screaming 2-year old child

A 2-year old child lives with his family in a
small Kentucky town. Late at night while the
family was sleeping, this 2-year old child
started screaming. His father looked around
trying to find out why the child was screaming.
The house was on fire, and the 2-year old
child smelled the smoke. The family was saved.
This 2-year old child is deaf!




Latest deaf jobs

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— horror tales about the deaf

7/09/17 Blue and Gold editions at:



— jobs for strong and young deaf people

Younger deaf people, especially those that live
in the Washington, DC-Virginia-Maryland
areas, are needed for handyman services.
Do click on:

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