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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 13, 2017


— deaf contestant disqualified in a strange way

Gerard Croese, the Mr. Deaf South Africa, was
enroute to Prague, The Czech Republic to compete
in the Mr and Miss Deaf World pageant. He
was disqualified – beecause the airport lost his
baggage! All of his contest clothes were in
the lost baggage and he couldn’t compete with
regular clothes. A picture is at:


— a tweet that is shocking

A criminal case took place in a low-population
state, involving a deaf person. The county
sheriff’s office posted a tweet that said:

The county sheriff’s office is looking
for someone that knows American Sign
Language and lives locally in the
county seat area to be available in the
event we need this service in the near
future. If interested contact the county


Sheriff knowing nothing about
certified interpreters and thinking
that any hearing that knows ASL can
interpret? Really very shocking!


— a comment by a physician with a hearing loss

The New York Times ran a story on disabled
physicians. It mentioned Dr. C. Lee Cohen,
who has a hearing loss. She said:

I’m better at communicating with older
patients who have hearing loss


Does she know ASL? Probably not as the
story said nothing about sign language.



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