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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 17, 2017

— seized police cash helping the deaf

In drug arrests, police would seize cash
held by pushers. Where does the cash
go to? In the case of North Wales Police,
it becomes a grant to help an agency
serving the deaf! A picture is at:


— comparing hearing patrons

There are many all-deaf staff in small restaurants
and cafes in Asia; not that too many, if any in
USA. Why? The owner of an all-deaf restaurant
in Asia said:

Guests here are really tolerant, no matter if it takes time to communicate with deaf waiters

The owner is implying that hearing patrons
in USA is not so patient with deaf waiters!


— Marlee Matlin accomplishes a special honor

Marlee Matlin has accomplished a special
honor, joining the Battle of the Network Stars TV program. It features fake-TV-attorneys
versus fake-White-House-staffers. Her
special honor is that she once played
a fake-TV-attorney role and also
a fake-White House staffer role.
Not too many actors, if any, have
achieved this special accomplishment!



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