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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 26, 2017


— sign language music machine

An invention is coming up in Japan. A juke box
is connected to a machine that makes drinks
(both soft and hard). If music is great, the
drink is great. If music is bad, the drink
is bitter. This is for the hearing people.
What about the deaf? The inventors said:

It gives the deaf a way to enjoy music

Not exactly sure what this means. Sign
language gestures producing sweet and
bitter drinks depending on the music?
Just have to wait until the machine hits
the market place. A picture is at:


— hospital advocate for the deaf

A hospital has just hired a deaf person as
advocate for deaf patients. Sorry, this
hospital is not in USA, but in Canada –
the Health Sciences North in Sudbury,
Ontario. If Canada could hire a Hospital
Deaf Advocate, then American hospitals
could also do the same!


— the deaf as an airline passenger

Airlines (Delta, Frontier, Southwest, United, etc)
do not permit deaf passengers to sit in the exit
rows due to emergency issues. If a deaf person
is “accidentally” placed in the exit row,
he will be moved to a different row. Even
hard of hearing passengers cannot sit in
the exit rows either. This topic was posted
in a facebook page.


Latest deaf jobs

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— deaf instructor in medical school

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