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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 27, 2017

— two scammers caught in the act by police

Two hearing scammers stole money from a deaf man
for several months. The deaf man, tired of
being scammed, finally told the police about
it. Take a look at the picture:


— ADA is not a miracle

ADA is not a miracle. Yes, ADA is supposed to
give deaf people equal access (employment,
education, captions, interpreters, etc) but
we continue to have many ADA lawsuits.


— abusive sign language

There was a story in a Japanese newspaper
about an abusive hearing boss that knows
Japanese Sign Language. A deaf man works
for him. And when the deaf man makes
mistakes in his job, the angry boss
would use sign language for “lousy”
or “please quit your job”, etc. It is


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