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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 28, 2017

— a problem deaf person in the court room

A deaf person, in Canada, has become a big
problem in the court room. He constantly
challenged the judge on his rulings,
made frequent requests for court case
postponements, disagreed with the advice
of his attorney, saying he needed another
attorney in order to get a second opinion,
claimned that the court room ASL interpreters
were not qualified, claimed he has medical
conditions that may tire him out if the
case dragged on too long, etc, etc.
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— a possible illegal bid to host next Deaflympics

According to a source, the Deaflympics group received
three bids to host the next Summer Deaflympics.
A Los Angeles group was one of the three bidders.
Illegal? Well, per procedure, all bids must be
approved by the nation’s own deaf athletic
federation. The Los Angeles bidder never got
permission nor approval from the US Deaf Sports
Federation! Just stay tuned.


— a reason for deafness symbol on Florida drivers’ licenses

The obvious reason for the deafness symbol on
Florida drivers’ licenses is to tell the
cops of this fact during traffic stops.
But there is another reason – in case of
medical emergencies, the first responders
would see the deafness symbol and realize
that an interpreter is needed.


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