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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 1, 2017


A Starbucks store in Malaysia with all-deaf
barista staff is celebrating its one year
anniversary. All baristas must be trained
and must pass the Starbucks exams before
they can be hired. It took a long time for
these deaf baristas to be trained and to pass
their exams. But once they were hired they
became one of the best baristas around. A
picture is at:


— a crime report in one police department

At Glen Ellyn, Illinois, the police department
reported a theft – of a hearing aid in a
car at a car wash place! Two puzzling questions;
why would the deaf person leave his hearing aid
in the car at a car wash? Also, how would it
be possible for car wash people to steal
hearing aids while the car is being washed?
Is it a strange theft?


— NCAA bad then good to Gallaudet

NCAA bad. Or NCAA good? In early 1970’s,
Bob Woodward played football at University
of Oregon, while becoming deaf. He left
Oregon, and enrolled at Gallaudet 5 years
later, and became Gallaudet’s best athlete.
The NCAA was not happy about the 5 year gap
and punished Gallaudet for letting
Woodward play. Now this – Faye Frez-Albrecht,
Gallaudet’s deaf-blind swimmer, angry over
being disqualified in a championship meet,
unable to see the race start, pushed
NCAA hard to allow Flashing Lights. NCAA
said yes – washing off the bad with
the good!


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