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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 3, 2017

— Deafville near dye factory

In Valley Stream, NY, there was a Deafville
practically next door to a dye factory.
This factory added colors to clothing and
fabrics. Most of the employees at the dye
factory were deaf. And most of these deaf
employees lived in Deafville. They just
walked few steps to their jobs at the factory.
Deafville and the Dye Factory existed from
1910’s through 1940’s when both sites
closed up for good. A picture is at:


— ASL-fluent Coda high chance of job (not interpreter)

Port Authority (which controls bridges, tunnels, airports,
etc between New York City and New Jersey is always
looking for new police officers fluent in different
languages. It was mentioned in a newspaper story
that applicants fluent with ASL are given high
priority during job interviews.


— a Sign Language scandal

A student at one university said that the sign language
dictionary is missing too many signs. Instead of
complaining about it, he went ahead and invented his
own signs that went into the Sign Language dictionary!
ASL dictionary (we have many of these in USA)? No,
it was the British Sign Language dictionary that a
student at University of Dundee is missing too many
signs. A scandal? Well, there was a complaint on a


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