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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 4, 2017


— seven hour deaf wait in hospital in Spain

A deaf man was admitted to an emergency room
in a hospital in Spain. The front desk knew
that the patient was deaf – but never bothered
to find an interpreter for him or to make sure
he would be admitted when his turn came up.
Instead the emergency room staff used a
loudspeaker and repeatedly shouted out his
name for — seven —- hours! This incident
hit the newspapers, much to the embarrassment
of the hospital! A picture is at:


— White House tells ADA web site projects to slow down

The Department of Justice, under direction of the
White House, is slowing down its enforcement
of ADA-complaint web sites. What this means
is that deaf-unfriendly web sites will continue
for some time. Not good news for us.


— confession by a famous deaf man

Deaf celebrity Nyle DiMarco has a confession –
that during the America’s Next Top Model
TV contest, he felt lonesome and out of
place while living in-house with other
contestants. No one wanted to mingle with
a deaf person. Fortunately he overcame
these feelings and became a worldwide


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— dental association president

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