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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 9, 2017


— comment by interpreter about the deaf and music

An interpreter said:

We haven’t had a huge deaf community turnout,
mainly because music is not really in deaf

He was telling the reporter he is hoping to push
the musical arts for the deaf community.
A picture is at:


— these anonymous deaf donations

An anonymous person  made a $150,000
donation to help get Christian Academy for the Deaf
up and running in Waco, Texas. Some years way
back, Gallaudet received a multi-million
dollar anonymous donation. This shows there
are always generous benefactors in USA that
believe in the deaf.


— a comment about the deaf that dreamed of becoming doctors

A medical professional, who is not deaf, said he
knew that there were some deaf individuals that
wanted to become physicians, but were scared off.
Reason is the lack of accommodations by medical
schools to make things easier for deaf medical
students. Very sad.


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— first deaf mass protest

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