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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 10, 2017


— a perfect deaf truck driver

Do truck drivers drive perfectly? No, no such a
thing as a perfect car driver or even of a perfect
auto racer! Yet – Clint Homon, who is deaf, is
perfect. He is a student at the Commercial Driver’s
License program at the College of DuPage in
Illinois. He took exams on all aspects of
this course – and received a perfect score!
He said he was shocked about this perfect score.
Let’s hope he will get a high paying truck driving
job once he completes his course. A picture
is at:


— a big reason why some hearing people attend interpreted plays

There is a big reason why some hearing people attend
interpreted plays. It is not to learn ASL – but to
get fascinated by the moving beauty of these interpreted
signs – even if they don’t understand what these means.
It is the same as deaf attending a musical concert
and getting fascinated with conductor’s use of
hands – even though they do not hear music!


— a waste of money for captions

In New Zealand, the deaf have to fight to get movie
and TV captions. Yet the parliamentary proceedings
are captioned. Children’s programs are also
captioned. An activist complained that deaf adults
are stuck with no captions because they do not
watch parliamentary proceedings and also not
watching children’s programs!


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