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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 11, 2017


— another deaf accomplishment with aircraft

A while ago, DeafDigest announced that a deaf
man, from Australia, received his commercial
pilot’s license. And now this – Zackary Kukorlo,
who is deaf and from Indiana, won his certificate
to become an aircraft mechanic, specializing
in powerplant. People of his skills are now
high in demand in the aircraft industry.
A picture is at:


— must get government permission to host a deaf sports tournament

A deaf sports organization wants to host the national deaf
women’s soccer tournament, but cannot to do so, without
seeking government permission! That nation is Nigeria.
This does not happen in USA and the rest of the world.


— making small town drivers happy

Silvana, Washington is a tiny town of just about 100
people that no one has heard of – but for years
these small down drivers were kept happy by
Willie Sneve, who was deaf and owned the town’s
only gas station. Drivers are never happy if
their tanks are empty and there are no gas
stations around in these small towns! Sneve
was honored one time as the Citizen of the
Year by the town.



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